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MM look at the stars

Did you ever want a reason to go out and look at the stars?  Or go for a picnic? Or take a hike? Sometimes we get caught up in our daily lives and we forget about the beauty and love by which we are surrounded. But, if you had a date jar, you’d have a great reason to do any of these, plus anything else you’d be interested in trying.

One of the single best gifts (certainly one of the most thoughtful) I have gotten in my adult life is my (ok, our) date jar. My cousin Kari, the same cousin who inspired this whole blog, gave it to me for my bridal shower. If you haven’t heard of this jar before, it’s a great gift idea or something you can do to make your own date time a little more fun! And it doesn’t just have to be romantic dates, either — you can pick a date with anyone who wants to join you!

MM Date jarThe Basics:

The jar contains popsicle sticks of three different colors, each with varying price points. Here’s the breakdown:

red = no money or planning required

pink = some money or planning required

white = money or planning required

To make this gift, Kari lovingly thought up dates, hand-painted sticks, and wrote each one with care. She even left a few blank for us to create!

Living on one salary the last few years, we’ve been loving the red (FREE) ones, but they have fun/ creative/ mix-it-up ideas to keep you dating and being social. The variety of the price points as well as the suggestions allows for opening up to spontaneity and trying new things. Especially for those of us who can spend what seems like months at home on the weekends, this can really get you out — and with no excuses!

If you’re interested in date jar ideas, check out this post by Oh Simple Joys.

What will you do to spice up your life today?

  1. I absolutely love this date jar idea. How fun to have the painted sticks with different monetary categories. I am definitely going to do this as a Christmas gift for a friend. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! Or thank Kari, rather : ) It makes it easy and fun to be spontaneous and try something you might otherwise not do. Thanks for reading!

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