Massage Benefits

As the holidays approach, many of us will find ourselves busier and busier.  Family gatherings and meeting up with friends can be joyful as well as stressful.  If you work to care for yourself by maintaining balance and healthful habits, however, you can create a happier, healthier season for you and your loved ones.

MM Massage Benefits

In addition to maintaining a schedule that works for you, eating a balanced diet, and drinking plenty of water will help you feel your best; one additional way is to treat yourself to a massage.  Even though I know some of you read that and (if only briefly) thought, “I can’t afford massage” or “that is too extravagant,” think again.  Everyone can benefit from massage; it’s not just for rich people or people who overindulge.  Massage has so many benefits, many of which you may not even be aware.  As the daughter of a massage therapist, I know that massage is an excellent way to relax the body and strengthen the immune system; it can even work to help alleviate certain ailments–like headache and arthritis.  If you are both relaxed and better equipped against diseases, you’ll be better prepared to handle the continuous activity and bustle of the holiday season.

MM couple massage

Julie & Danny, Tides Inn, May 2014

The following are some of the many benefits of massage {resources in brackets}:

1. decreases heart rate, which reduces your body’s “fight or flight” response and helps you feel calm {Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals}

2. helps to improve your sleep–who couldn’t get a better night’s rest?! {American Massage Therapy Association}

3. lowers blood pressure {Massage Envy}

4. stimulates hormones, such as seratonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, which improve mood and an overall sense of well-being {National Center for Biotechnology Information & this, too}

5. inhibits stress hormones, including cortisol {American Psychological Association}

6. increases production of lymphocytes and “natural killer cells” to protect against illness {Massage Therapy}

Danny and I have gotten regular massages for the past few years–even when we were living on one salary!  By making stress relief a priority, you’re actually making yourself a priority as well.  Whether you go to a professional massage therapist, swap shoulder, back, or foot massages with a loved one, or perform a little self-massage {check out YouTube for some tips}, you will feel so glad you did!

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