10 Questions for a New Direction

Last year, I wrote about my gratitude journal and how wonderful it made each day.  I have grown so much over the last year and expressing gratitude for my beautiful, abundant life had a huge part in that.

This year, though I would still recommend the gratitude journal (or jar!), I would also like to encourage you to consider today’s post to end out your year and set yourself up for your best successes and most happiness in 2016.

MM Ten Questions for a New Direction

  1. What does happiness mean to me?  My definition of happiness is: _______________________________________________
    What does success mean to me?  My definition of success is: _______________________________________________
  2. Has this been a happy year?  If not (avoid dwelling), how can I make next year better? What can I control in making it better and improving my chances of happiness?
  3. What do I love and cherish?  (1. Make a list — and include “me.”  2. Express your gratitude.)
  4. What do I love about myself?  (Make a list — be kind, supportive, and loving!)
  5. What do I do each day to demonstrate my self love/ self care/ self esteem?  If nothing yet, what can I do starting today?
  6. How do I treat those around me?  {Do I speak kind words?  Do I listen? Do I support?}  Do I treat everyone with equal love and acceptance, despite their upbringing/ class/ job title/ religion/ race/ education level? If not yet, how can I begin to treat others with loving kindness on a regular basis?
  7. What can I identify in regards to my life choices/ job situation/ living situation/ health/ habits/ behaviors that I can eliminate or which no longer serve me?
  8. What kind of ______(s) would I like to cultivate for next year?  {friendships/ relationships/ skills/ adventures/ opportunities/ etc}
  9. How might I begin to cultivate the {friendships/ relationships/ skills/ adventures/ opportunities/ etc} I want right now?  What can I do today to come closer to that(those) goal(s)?
  10. What have I always wanted to do, but I was too afraid to?  {Attention: opportunity to go wild — no one has to read it but you!  Be honest and daring!}

In case you’re wondering, I plan to break down this New Year’s journal entry over a few days — it’s involved, seriously, if you really take time to answer and reflect on each!  You could even do it like a ten day countdown to the New Year.  The key is to be honest, excited, optimistic, and bring that attitude forward into the new year.  If you do a little groundwork before the clock strikes midnight, you’ll be way ahead of schedule for choosing the perfect New Year’s resolution, you know, if that’s your thing.

(By the way, I’m sorry that I said ten questions… the additional questions in each category are thematically-linked and there to help, I promise!)

Also, if you’re truly transforming this new year, take a look at this post by Jack Canfield: “5 Steps to Achieve Your Own Personal Transformation.”

May this be the most reflective end to a year you’ve had and the beginning of your best year yet!

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