Do You Know…? Questions Regarding Life As You Know It

Today, I just want to ask a number of questions. This post is not intended to make anyone feel bad about his/ her answer to any of these questions, but rather to illuminate areas in which you may want to invest a little time and attention. The answer to each of these is just a few Google searches, documentaries, or phone calls away. Will you make the time to explore, understand, and improve the way of life that we live in the United States?


MM Do You Know


Do you know where your food comes from? Where and how it was grown? From what kind of seeds? Is it GMO or organic? Was it doused in pesticides? Do you know where it was processed? Packaged? Do you know what all of the ingredients that you ingest are?


Do you know where your clothing comes from? Where does the cotton come from? Was it doused in pesticides throughout its growing life? In what countries the garments were sewn and created? What are the wages, working and living conditions of these workers?


Do you know what happens to the plastic you use in your everyday life? Do you know how long it takes for ‘disposable’ products to decompose in a landfill? Do you know where your garbage goes when you throw it ‘away’? Do you know how much of our land and ocean space is occupied by trash? Do you know that plants and animals (and humans) are affected by these practices?


Do you know that you can make simple life changes to consume less oil and gas? Do you know that stuff will not fill the void? Do you know how to simplify your life? Do you know that you came into this world for a purpose, a calling beyond consumerism and accumulation of wealth and stuff?


Do you know how to live your healthiest life? Do you know what your body needs to stay strong? Do you know how to modify your lifestyle and eating habits for longevity and vitality? Do you know the true benefits of exercise and mindful eating? Do you know that the human body does not require meat or dairy to sustain? Do you know that it’s actually healthiest for you to forgo these food products? Do you know that what your child eats now and the lifestyle habits they develop will affect him/ her throughout their adult life?


Do you know yourself? Do you know what your strengths are? Do you honor these? Do you know how to grow and learn each day/ week/ month/ year? Do you make decisions that honor your best intentions, deepest values, and highest good? Do you want to start? Do you express love and gratitude each day for the beauty and abundance of your life?


Do you know you have a choice? On everything. This post’s intention is to give you questions to consider as we move into 2016.

If your answers vary on the above questions, I challenge you to take time to examine and research. After all, this is your life. We have so much we can do to improve life for all on this planet. We have the choice and the power to make positive changes and initiate a new way of being. By considering each of these questions, you can begin to transition into a deliberate, intentional way of life. A life in which you believe in the companies, practices, laws, etc that you support. A life in which the money you spend creates a more beautiful, peaceful world for you and your loved ones.

Just like last year, start with baby steps! Tackle one issue, one day at a time. You can do it!

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