Workplace Mindfulness: How You Are

Each Friday I hope to provide a quick suggestion to make your time at work a little more mindful.  If you have any insights or suggestions, please feel free to comment here or on the Facebook page.

MM Workplace Mindfulness How You Are

How many hours do you spend at work a day?  
The average full-time American employee, according to a 2014 Gallup poll, spends approximately 47 hours a week working.  While you work, how often do you take time out to bring mindfulness to your day?  This series is designed to assist in integrating mindful practices into your daily work day.

It’s your decision to bring mindfulness to your life and you can do it even while you’re at work. So, consider the following statement:

Mindfulness does not depend on where I am, but how I am.


To me, this means, like my mother told me long ago, “You bring your weather with you.”  You can choose to bring the sunshine or the rain to each new day.  Some circumstances are out of your control, but your attitude and response to those circumstances are always yours to command.

Some questions of how you are include:

  • how does my body feel?
  • how is my posture as I read this?
    • this post helps to take notice of your posture
  • how is my attitude today?
  • how am I responding to the people and circumstances around me?
  • how is my breathing going? slow and steady? deep? choppy?
    • if you’ve been stressed recently, or you want to bring a little extra relaxation to your present moment, check out this breath exercise post

And, though mindfulness is more of an observation of your present condition, rather than a changing of everything, you may want to make a few changes after you take note of your present situation:

  • what can I do to make myself more comfortable and/or pleasant today?
  • how can I stay more present as I proceed through my day?
  • what do I have to be grateful for today and/or everyday?
    • remember, gratitude is essential to living your happiest life.  consider saying your ‘thank yous’ aloud or writing them in a gratitude journal

In attempting to monitor and be conscious of how you are, you are making mindfulness happen.

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