One Year with Our Blendtec

If you’ve read the blog for a while, you probably know just how much I love our daily breakfast smoothies. I’ve written a number of posts on smoothies, including: our breakfast smoothie recipe, smoothie superfoods, Danny’s chocolate peanut butter [veggie] dessert smoothie. One thing I haven’t written about, but has changed my life, is our blendtec.


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Last New Year’s Day, our Christmas gift to ourselves arrived: a blendtec total blender. As we were on one salary and still saving, I was initially a little nervous to spend almost $400 on a blender, but after researching, discovering the ease and variety of uses, comparing blendtec vs. vitamix (prices and performance), and talking to a few blendtec owners, I was convinced we would get our money’s worth out of it. And, boy, was I right!

MM blendtec 1111
Between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015, our household created {at least} 1111 smoothies, whole juices, soups, banana ice creams, dips, and nut milks. I know this, because the blendtec features a counter on the front display. This counts only the number of times you’ve used a preset program (like “whole juice,” “smoothie,” or “soup” features). This number may seem a little crazy, but here’s my estimate of how it breaks down: 2 breakfast smoothies a day for a total of 712. The remaining 399 included the remaining wonderful creations. For example, each time I use the “whole juice” feature, I produce a whole pitcher of juice, or four jar-sized juices in one round, which accounts for another 183 cycles, leaving approximately 216 other dessert smoothies, nut milks, banana ice creams, and soups throughout the year. I say all this simply to demonstrate how efficient this machine is and how essential it has been to helping us reach our health goals.

MM green juice 4 pack

four pack of green whole juices

MM almond milk

homemade almond milk

MM Choc PB Smoothie 3

Danny’ Chocolate PB [Veggie] Dessert Smoothie

I do not mean to imply that you can’t make delicious and nutritious smoothies, whole juices, soups, dips, and nut milks in a standard blender — you absolutely can! — but instead, I simply wanted to share how much easier it has been for us to consistently make, enjoy, and continue making these creations now that we invested in a better tool. No more chewing or choking down a smoothie drink!

If you are interested in starting a more self-sufficient, mindful kitchen life, investing in proper tools will make a big difference. The blendtec recipe book and website include all kinds of other options, like: homemade almond butter, hummus, baby foods, sorbets, and healthful dips.

What’s your favorite way to get your daily fruits and/ or veggies?

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