Making Mindfulness Yoga

I’m Julie and I am a certified and registered yoga instructor (200 RYT with Yoga Alliance).  It’s my passion to help people find their best selves; as a former high school teacher, I have always tried to help people find their own passion.  Now, as a yoga instructor, I have the opportunity to bring health, wellness, and balance together to assist in people feeling their very best.

If you’ve read the blog, you know my aim is to encourage mindfulness in daily life.  I attempt to do so with pop culture and literary reminders, recipes, yoga fundamentals, outdoor activities, and positive stories and quotes.  Yoga is only a small portion of the blog, but it can certainly help you to jumpstart mindfulness in your everyday life.

If you’re interested in trying yoga for the first time, meeting new people, or developing your practice, you may want to try Making Mindfulness Yoga.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, MMY is primarily an outdoor yoga experience, with live yoga classes and streaming videos in the works.  I also offer private one-on-one or small group classes for interested students.  If you’re interested in practicing with me in any capacity, please email me at

If you aren’t sure whether you’re ready for yoga at this time, here are a few resources to explore to help in your decision-making process:

What to Know & Do When You’re New to Yoga

Your Yoga: Get Started & Stick to It

Yoga in the News

Yoga Fundamentals: Breathing Exercise 

Yoga & Breath

or check out the Body & Mind tab to see exercises and basic yoga poses as well as their benefits.

The Making Mindfulness yoga classes and blog have been a success because of the love, encouragement, and support from all of my participants and readers.  Thank you for your part in making mindfulness happen every day in your own and others’ lives.


Making Mindfulness on YouTube

If you’re interested in making a little mindfulness in the comfort of your own home, check out and subscribe to the Making Mindfulness YouTube page.  Videos include yoga workouts and mindfulness tips.